The Nothing to Hide Campaign

Celebrating diversity through representation, advocating mental health and showing that we are not ashamed of our differences!

Origins of the Campaign

Emily Sterne - Still Blooming
“Still Blooming” – Emily Sterne

The Nothing to Hide Campaign was born in January 2018, with a vision to put mental health on display, by holding a charity art exhibition in aid of Mind UK.

The exhibition displayed art work from people across the UK, and internationally, all of whom depicted their own personal experiences with mental health through their art work. The exhibition took place on Saturday the 14th of April 2018, and we raised almost £250 for Mind UK.

The Light - Melissa Webb
“The Light” – Melissa Webb

Though we faced some challenges, with our venue being cancelled just two days before the exhibition was due to be displayed, overall the event was a success, and many people came forward and said they had been inspired to be more open about their mental health.

While originally the campaign was supposed to be a one off event, I think it is so important for people to be given a space to celebrate their differences; therefore, the campaign will be continuing, and we will be opening up a second exhibition in 2019, with a broader, more inclusive theme.

Representation Matters

Beyond the Dream: Kim Noble
“Beyond the Dream” – Kim Noble

We will be returning in 2019 with a brand new exhibition, which will hopefully even be bigger and better than the last! Our aim this year is to raise over £500 for Mind UK, and we will need your help to do it!

Last year, our theme for the exhibit was ‘Nothing to Hide’ and we were solely focused on reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness. However, this year we want to extend the campaign to cover all differences between people, which is why the ongoing theme for the campaign will be ‘Representation Matters’.

Felicidad Martinez
Artist: Felicidad Martinez

While a lot of platforms may not represent all differences in a positive light, we want you to help us change that. Feeling outcast often leads to social isolation, and this is something that we want to put a stop to; which is why we want to hear your stories about accepting yourself exactly as you are, from learning to love your body, to accepting your sexuality, or learning to cope with mental health.

Support the campaign

There are a number of ways you can get involved in the campaign:

Support the Hashtagmy declaration

Download our Nothing to Hide Declaration template, print it out, and write down all of the reasons why you are supporting our campaign. Then take a picture with your sign, and upload it onto social media, using the hashtag #nothingtohidecampaign (tag us too) so that we can see and share your story. You may also get your photo featured in our collage on the day of the exhibit.

Tell your story

We want people to truly understand the importance of representation and diversity in society, and we need your help to do it! We are asking you to create a video, up to a minute long, detailing why representation is important to you, as well as any experiences with stigma and prejudice that you have faced in the past. Contributions then be edited and included in our campaign video to be displayed at the event, (this video may also be used for promotional purposes).

Contribute to our exhibit

While our campaign itself is ongoing, the art exhibit will take place in 2019. We would love you to contribute art work which focuses on the theme of ‘Representation Matters’, so that we can display it in our charity art exhibition (in aid of Mind UK). Art work can be in a range of mediums, and can depict any social issues that you like, from mental health to racial equality. To register your interest in submitting art work, apply here.

Spread the word

Tell your friends and family about the campaign, and come along on the day, to support our cause! If you are a business, you can also support our cause as a sponsor, get in touch to find out more.

More information about the day will be available once a date is set, so please check back for more information.

For any general enquiries, or to send us your video submissions, please email us at

Please note: if you are under 18, you must obtain parental permission to take part. By sending us your images and videos, you give us the right to use your likeness in our campaign, including in promotional media.
All pictures are of art work which was displayed in the 2018 exhibition, and copyrights are owned by the respective artists. Please do not use their images without their permission. 

Want to know more about last year’s campaign? See the previous campaign video: