I Wish I Were a Dandelion

I wish I were a dandelion
Floating gently above the ground
I would meditate under the sun
Until the day that I’d be found.

The flowers would laugh mockingly
Exclaiming “No one would pick a weed”
I would just smile and wait patiently
For the day that I’d start to seed.

Then, picked in hope and not vanity
Once golden glow becomes enchanted white
Trusted with hopes and kissed with wishes
A soft breath sets my soul to flight.

For the flowers have but one life
Shallow is the beauty they adore
But a dandelion is made of magic
A hidden potential at it’s core.

I hope to live like a dandelion
Surrounded by a garden of flowers
In the knowledge of my own true worth
Love becomes the seat of my powers.


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