Standing With The Me In The Mirror

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror?

Actually, no; that’s not my question for you. My question is this: Do you ever really see yourself when you look in the mirror?

You know, there have been studies on animals to see whether or not they can tell their own reflection. Most animals will assume it’s just another animal, and others won’t even pay their reflection any notice at all. But there are some species, including us, who recognise themselves in the reflected image. Scientists believe this sets these groups of animals apart from the rest. That it shows a level of emotional intelligence above and beyond the norm. Perhaps, some believe, it shows the presence of a soul.

In my opinion, being able to recognise the general shape of your body in a piece of glass just isn’t enough to classify one being as more emotionally advanced than another. I think the truest test of all is being able to connect with that image, to move past the surface and see beyond.

Which is why I no longer take my reflection for granted…

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