The Real Do’s and Don’ts of Plus Size Fashion

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We’ve all been given unsolicited fashion advice by ‘well meaning’ self-proclaimed fashion experts, telling us how to hide our fat and flatter our curves, and I think it’s safe to say the plus size community is getting pretty sick and tired of it. Gone are the days when the bigger woman was content with being engulfed by black bin sacks in the place of real fashion, and we’re done with trying to hide in the shadows; we want to to express ourselves, and we won’t apologise for taking up space. Yes, we all have rolls, bumps, lumps and cellulite too, but does that mean that we should be content with not being able to express ourselves by finding our own personal unique style? Of course not!

So, in an effort to hit back at the BS advice plus-size women are commonly given by those in the fashion industry (as well as random people on the street who like to chip in with their views on what we should be doing with out bodies), I’ve teamed up with some of my favourite plus size ladies to give you some real do’s and don’ts of plus size fashion; in the hope that you will be inspired to step out into the world rocking a style that truly represents who you are.

1. DO explore different colours and styles 

Picture of Hollie Rose's Favourite outfits

“My one piece of fashion advice would be find colours that work for you. I’ve always been a fan of wearing black and white as for me it’s the most flattering for my style. Pink ruffles and bold prints just don’t suit me; however, they might be for you! Experiment with patterns & colours and just work what your Mumma gave you!”
– Hollie Rose (@hollie_rose_)

2. BUT don’t be afraid to wear white either!

Emily Blake looking stunning in white!“Don’t be afraid to wear white. Wear whatever colour you feel like wearing. It doesn’t matter if people say oh but it’ll make you look bigger, wear what makes you happy. If anything, white will make you stand out more, and darling, you deserve to stand out!”
– Emily Blake (@presenteremilyblake)

3. DO live in the here and now

Tazmin Cormican looking like a princess!“Do as you please and live a limitless life. Your size, societies opinions or media popularity should never stop you from living your life as full as you can. Don’t buy that dress in a smaller size, hoping one day you’ll lose enough weight to fit in it. Invest in YOU and NOW, not ‘her’ and how?”
– Tamzin Cormican (@taaambam)

4. DON’T feel you have to hide behind baggy clothes

Leanne Jones in her favourite outfit

“Plus size women for years have tried to hide their bodies with baggy clothes and dark colours, but my advice is DITCH THE BIN BAGS! Tight fitted clothes may make you feel self conscious at first, BUT when you learn how sexy your silhouette looks with a simple coloured body-con dress or slick jumpsuit, you’ll never look back. One word: SPANX! Let them be your best friend, find comfortable fitted underwear and wear your look with pride!”
– Leanne Jones (@leannerjones)

5. Don’t DO wear crop tops (if you want to)

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 00.10.36

“‘Don’t wear crop tops!’ – As a young plus size woman, I like to keep up with new trends; so if everyone else can, why shouldn’t I?”
– Amie Phillips (@a.ims)

“‘Fat girls can’t wear crop tops.’ – Yes we can, and yes we will absolutely rock it too.”
– Rebecca Elizabeth (@mustardelephant)

6. DON’T believe the ‘bikini body’ BS

Laura Gentles standing proud in her bikini body

“Don’t listen to people who tell you you have to have a slim ‘bikini body’ to wear a bikini. Plus size girls rock it just as well! This is my body in a bikini – a bikini body.”
– Laura Gentles (@lauracurvee)

7. DO find your unique style!“Being yourself should not have to be relatable to anyone. Bask in your own wonderfulness and bloom with or without colour. Sit where you want. Travel where you want to and be the biggest on the plane, in the pool and at the bar chatting to that hot guy! Eat what you want. Take care of you; and your beautiful body! Chill! You take up space for a reason.”
– Tenisha (@loc_style_fashion)

8. DON’T use the term ‘fat’ negatively

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 09.50.45“Don’t say the words ‘I’m having a fat day’ to yourself or anyone else any more. Instead say ‘I will not be dictated to by patriarchal bullshit media which tells me I’m not good enough; I will wear what I like, eat what I like, fuck whom I like, and identify however the fuck I want.'” – Athena Mae (@athenamaebodypositive)

9. DO wear your body with confidence

photo of Jade elouise“You’ve probably heard the term ‘confidence is sexy’, but I think, more importantly, confidence is power. If you feel amazing in your body, in your style and how you express yourself, then it’s not going to matter to you what the rest of the world thinks. Embrace your body in all of it’s various shapes and textures. Wear clothes which ignite a spark inside of you, and that make you smile when you look in the mirror. Walk out of the house knowing that you look damn fine, and the rest of the world will just have to fall into step around you.” – Jade Elouise (@jade.elouise)

10. Don’t be afraid to wear whatever you want!

Rachel O looking fiiiiine“Wear what you want – Society is forever dictating to us what is and isn’t “acceptable” for us to wear. Well, it’s about time we broke all the rules. Whether it be that crop top, those skin tight jeans or that body-con mini dress that you love so much; if you feel confident and comfortable in it, rock it! How you feel is all that matters. So, don’t cover up to hide your body because society says so; celebrate it – unapologetically.”
– Rachel Oyesanya (@raexleahh)

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