The Ultimate Self Care Playlist

For all of the talk of self care these days, a lot of people still don’t understand what it is. When you think of self care, you might picture bath bombs and manicures, but the truth is self care is simply doing what ever you need to do to look after yourself. Yes, in some cases that might mean doing something that you love, such as piling a bath tub to the brim with lush products and not moving until the waters disappeared.  However, sometimes self care just means giving yourself space to collect your thoughts, process when you’ve had a particularly difficult day, or get some sleep when you’re feeling exhausted.

Whatever your definition of self care is, something we can all agree on is that music is definitely the best medicine. Well… aside from food… and if someone arranged for Tom Hardy to come to my house to cheer me up, I certainly wouldn’t turn him away…. Okay yeah, so ideally self care would be classified as a visit from Tom Hardy holding a gift wrapped cheesecake while he serenades you with all of your favourite songs, but (sadly for us all) I didn’t have the ability to arrange that. However, what I could do is give you the best damn self care playlist around to listen to when you need a little you time, so that’s exactly what I did.

With the help of everyone who sent in their song suggestions on social media, The Ultimate Self Care Playlist was born! This playlist contains 115 songs from a range of genres and decades, so there is definitely something for everyone.

The playlist starts with the slower, more emotive songs for when your mental health is low and you just need to get in touch with your feelings; it then transitions into songs which allow your to express yourself; before leading into calming tunes and music which will make your feel more at ease with yourself and your body; then ending with uplifting tracks which will get you singing and dancing before you know it.

You can access the playlist below, but if you’re wondering what sort of songs are on there, then here are a few examples of tracks you can look out for:

Slow, heartfelt and emotionally raw songs

Track 1: My Immortal – Evanescence
Track 6: Hurt – Johnny Cash
Track 13: Leave a Light on – Tom Walker

Songs for self expression

Track 34: I Fall Apart – Post Malone
Track 36: Human – Rag’n’Bone Man
Track 47: Fight Song – Rachel Platten

Music for calm and meditation

Track 51: Tenerife Sea: Ed Sheeran
Track 53: Bliss (I am the Light of My Soul) – Sirgun Kaur
Track 55: I am Light – India.Arie

Songs for body positivity and self love

Track 54: This is Me – Keala Settle
Track 56: The Way I Are (Natural Woman) – Etana
Track 59: Forest Whitiker -Brother Ali.

Music for seeing the brighter side of life

Track 72: Proud – Heather Small
Track 76: Best Day of My Life – American Authors
Track 78: New Shoes – Paolo Nutini

Uplifting Classics

Track 110: Our House – Madness
Track 111: Get Up Offa That Thing – James Brown
Track 115: Respect – Aretha Franklin

Check out the playlist on Spotify to get access to all 115 songs: You could either start the playback where ever on the list is suited to your current mood, or hit shuffle to get a little bit of everything. Plus, make sure to subscribe so that you can get access to it whenever you want!


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