Life Lessons for Women

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 19.07.57

Hand raised
I am confident:
Eager to please.
A wrong answer.
Class mocking:
A woman can’t succeed.

Smile bright
I am positive:
Seeking social surety.
An unkind word.
Confidence shaken:
A new found insecurity.

Face bare
I am naked:
Open to read.
An ominous laugh.
Makeup applied:
A mask to mislead.

Skin scarred
I am growing:
Maturing at speed.
A cruel joke.
Scars multiply:
These new marks bleed.

Heart racing
I am trusting:
My face aglow.
A monstrous betrayal.
Trust taken:
No doesn’t mean no.

Love blind
I am hopeful:
Newly married wife.
A rude awakening.
Body bruised:
He owns my life.

Finally free
I am living:
Maybe I’ll survive.
A targeted attack.
Skin black:
Born destined to die.

© J. E. Fitzgerald

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