A Spiritual Journey: “What is Angelic Reiki?”

“But what exactly is Reiki?”

This is a question that I have been asked on so many different occasions since becoming a level 1&2 Angelic Reiki Practitioner, and it’s a question which is both extremely simple and entirely complex.

Like all healing practices, angelic reiki cannot be summed up in just a few words, or even in an entire document. It is a learning process, filled with different elements that you learn over time, and as I have only completed my level 1&2 at the time of writing this article, I cannot even begin to pretend that I know everything and anything to do with this wonderfully complex type of healing. Not only that, but all types of spirituality are totally unique to the individual, so what one person practices may not be completely identical to another.

However, I will do my best to explain to you my personal understanding of Angelic Reiki at this time, and I would also encourage you to go do further research of your own, taking in a range of different perspectives so that you can develop your own, informed understanding of Reiki.

A basic definition of Reiki

In a nutshell, reiki is a spiritual healing technique in which a practitioner channels energy into a person, in order to help that individual improve on their wellbeing in some way or another. There are many different types of reiki, such as Shamballa and Usui Reiki, but the type which I practice is Angelic.

There is no right or wrong form of reiki, it is just that each form works on slightly different principles, with their own techniques and sources of energy, and angelic reiki taps into the purest form of energy possible.

Manifestation and the planes of existence

There are many different principles to angelic reiki, however the most important part of a healing is intention. If you are of pure intent, and you believe in yourself and in the energy that you are channelling, then this affords you the ability to manifest your intentions into reality.

Have you ever really needed money in an emergency, and found those few spare pounds in the bottom of your bag that you didn’t know where there? Or have you ever felt lonely or upset, and then all of a sudden a bird, feather or other sign has fallen into your path (such as seeing repeated numbers)? These are all gifts and messages from the universe, which you have manifested into reality through your thoughts and emotions.


Another key idea to understand in Reiki, is the different dimensions of existence. As people, we live in the first dimension (the etheric/physical plane), a world which can be navigated by relying heavily on the five senses. However, reiki practitioners work on the understanding that there are more than seven dimensions of existence in the universe, and in order to access these dimensions, a person must be able to access their sixth sense (or third eye). For angelic reiki, practitioners access the 5th dimension, where angelic beings reside (as opposed to theta healers, who are able to access the 7th plane).

Can anyone become a reiki practitioner?

Yes of course, so long as you receive the right training from a reiki master! You also have to be an open minded person, and someone is willing to accept that there is more to the world than they can ever begin to comprehend. Most importantly, you cannot expect to be able to help other people heal themselves if you are not willing to work on yourself, and that is one of the most vital things to understand before you decide to become a practitioner.

Personally, I know that a few years ago I would have never dreamed I would be at a place in my life where I felt able to help other people through healing, because I wasn’t nearly ready to work on my own issues; I wasn’t in touch with my emotions, because I was too comfortable in feeling broken and empty.

Another important issue to work through before becoming a reiki practitioner is ego. There is no place for ego in being a healer, because it is not about being ‘the best’, it is simply about being. To be a healer, you need to move past the issues of the self, and broaden your mind to realise that the universe is so much bigger than your existence in this current form.


This is one of the reasons why this healing journey has helped me to overcome my personal issues with body image: how can you hate your body when you come to the realisation that it is nothing more than a physical vessel which your soul has inhabited for this current incarnation? Like I said, the universe is just so much more beautifully complex than we are brought up to believe.

“So… do you seriously believe in angels?”

This is a question which is usually asked with a sneer, or at the very least a raised eyebrow, which I completely understand. However, I will say that when I was younger, I would always describe myself as Agnostic, rather than Atheist, because though I did not believe in a God personally, I did believe that you couldn’t completely rule out the possibility of something without undeniable proof that it did not exist.

This is all I ask from anyone in life; that they don’t completely rule out the prospect that there are things out there which defy scientific categorisation, and that may be beyond the realms of our understanding within this physical dimension.

So in answer to this question, yes I do believe in angels. However, there is a difference between the depiction of the angel which you hang on your Christmas tree, and the angels which we channel through angelic reiki.

What is an angel?

People often make a point of asking ‘If angels exist, why haven’t I seen one?’ Well, for the same reason you’ve never seen a radio travelling through the air- angels are form of energy which cannot be seen with the eye alone.

When you think of an angel, you most likely picture a man or woman with great white wings and a halo of glowing light. However, when reiki healers use the term ‘angel’, what they are actually referring to is the embodiment of energy, the purest energy of 100% light. To understand this further, close your eyes, and picture in your mind the essence of unconditional love. Imagine the purest emotions and most positive intentions in the universe. That is what we, as angelic reiki practitioners, call an angel.


The human mind is very limited in it’s perceptions, so it is often easier for people to picture this type of energy in the form of a human body, which is where the idea of haloed angels with wings has developed from; it helps to picture something in a form which is more easily recognisable, as energy itself doesn’t have a form which we can perceive with our five senses.

During a reiki healing, a practitioner may call in several different embodiments of the angelic energy, and these angels each embody a different intention for the energy healing. For example, Archangel Haniel might be called into help people connect with their emotions, where as Archangel Michael is often asked to provide protection. Try not to get too wrapped up in the different names of the angels, as healing works on intention, and these names are mainly used to help people to determine what kind of energy they are trying to channel.

Other beings of light

Angelic reiki practitioners work with a range of beings from other planes as well as angelic energy. These include ascended masters, which are beings whom were once human, and overcame all of their ties to the physical plane, such as karmic ties, and aligned their chakras to ascend to a state of pure light energy. Examples of ascended masters include names such as Joan of Arc and Mary Magdalene.

The essence of different Gods and Goddesses of a range of different religions and belief systems can also be called in, so that the principles that they represent can be channelled during a healing. For example, you might call in Isis for help in manifesting your dreams, and releasing fear; and Lady Gaia (mother earth) is a prominent presence is Reiki and other forms of spirituality, especially when someone is in need of grounding. Some other examples of higher beings include ancestral spirits and galactic beings.

Additional principles

As I said at the beginning, spirituality is a very personal journey, and what works for you might not be the same principles which work for other people. Nonetheless, if you are interested, there are plenty more principles of spirituality which can be incorporated into reiki healing, such as the use of crystals and gemstones during a healing.

chakras-310119_1280Many practitioners utilise chakra healing into their work. I will go into more detail on chakras in another article, but for now, picture chakras as spinning points of energy within the body, each of which are linked to certain emotions and physical areas of the body. There are a lots of chakras, but there are seven which are most commonly referred to: the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras (from top to bottom). When these chakras are out of line, or not functioning correctly, people will start to feel unwell (whether that be physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually).

Another commonly utilised principle is astrology: the movement of the moon, sun, planets and stars, and how us in this realm. For example, by looking at your sun, moon and rising signs, many people can learn a lot about themselves, and find that they have similar traits to others who have the same signs as them. The positions of the sun and moon can also have an effect on how we feel within ourselves, such as when there is a full moon or an eclipse.

In summary

In some respects, angelic reiki is a marvellously complicated concept, and yet it reality, it is oh so simple and pure: if you are of the purest intent, and have an open mind, you have the ability to connect to the power source of the universe itself, and create wondrous and beautiful effects in the process.


Whether you are open minded to any of the concepts I have presented to you today, or whether you think that I am completely delusional, I ask you: does it really matter?

No matter if you think I can really channel angelic energy, or whether I am actually talking to thin air when I ask for guidance from the universe, there is no doubt that I have changed for the better in so many ways since I began on this path. Not only that, but I have helped other people in their healing too.

If you want more proof than that, then I’m afraid I can’t give it to you, because you are missing the point of what it means to truly believe in something. Find your sense of self belief, broaden your horizons and have a little faith in the unknown, and you’ll be surprised at the wondrous things you can achieve.

Love and light to you all, and thank you for reading.

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