The Road Ahead

Life is just like driving:

Every now and then you look in the rear view mirror
Checking to make sure what’s behind you isn’t going to affect you in the present
And appreciating how far you’ve come.

Occasionally you look around you
Making decisions on which path to take
And double checking that some random asshat isn’t going to sideswipe you and push you off course.

There will always be those who undertake you,
try to bully or undermine you
And you might break down once or twice along the way

But so long as you spend the majority of the journey looking forward
Focusing on where you are going
And being mindful of your actions
You’ll eventually get to exactly where you need to go.

© J. E. Fitzgerald, 12/07/18

Looking back will teach you lessons, and looking to others for guidance is fine, but for the most part, you attention should be on the possibilities of the future.

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