What it is to be a Writer

Being a writer
Is not simply putting pen to paper

It is
Unravelling your heart to use as your canvas
And opening up a vein for the ink.

It is
Being brave enough to relive your darkest moments
And shining light on the shadows of your mind.

It is
Swimming in the depths of your soul
And pouring the fragments of yourself out onto paper.

Being a writer
Is not a hobby or vocation

It is
Finding your voice in a crowded room
And silencing the noise with a single stroke of a pen.

© J. E. Fitzgerald, 06/07/18
Since becoming a copywriter, I’ve loved being asked what my job is, because I can say ‘I am a writer’ without hesitation. But the truth is, I don’t need the word ‘writer’ in my job title to describe myself as one, because it’s who I’ve always been.

As a child, when I struggled to express myself verbally, I would send letters to people to tell them how I was feeling. I would read when I needed an escape, and I would write when I needed release. Now, I write every single day. It might be only a single word, or it could be an entire story, but my mind cries out for the need to write, and so I do.

When I write, I often discover a new part of myself I didn’t even know existed. I express feelings I didn’t know where lurking under the surface. I find answers to unasked questions.

You don’t need to have written a best seller to call yourself a writer. So, from now on, when someone asks me about myself, I’ll use the title ‘writer’ with conviction, because being a writer isn’t something that I DO- it’s who I AM.

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