Hidden Signs

Feel that tingle across your skin?
That’s an embrace from unseen kin.

That whisper you can’t quite place?
That’s a voice transcending time and space.

That white feather landing near?
That’s a sign, loud and clear.

And as for those times,
When you feel lost and alone,
Hear your angel calling you home.

If there is one thing I can tell you with absolute certainty, it is that you are never truly alone.
If you do not recognise the truth of your beauty, then other people out there will.
If people, naive and blind to the world, do not notice all that you have to offer, then I promise you that the universe does.
Open your mind to the world around you, because there are are always signs that you are loved.
Find the people who really see you, who adore you exactly as you are, and don’t concern yourself with anyone else- just leave them to find their way over time.
Recognise your light and find your true path.

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