I am a woman.

What am I?

I am a girl.
My sense of self
Once firmly established
Now fractured, scattered and confused
Like the society
I once allowed to rule me.

I am an angel.
My wings
Once the brightest white
Now broken, bruised and clipped
Like the innocence
That once enveloped my heart.

I am a mermaid.
My tail
Once a technicolour masterpiece
Now torn, shredded and abandoned
Like the magic
Which once ran through my veins.

I am a queen.
My crown
Once a symbol of power
Now bent, battered and buried
Like the trust
I once kept in others.

I am a woman.
My resilience
Once crushed
Now growing, burning and fighting
Like the Phoenix
Once burnt to ash, I rise again.

I am a woman.

J. E. Fitzgerald, I am a Woman (12/06/18).
One hundred years since women began getting the vote here in England, and we’re still fighting, and will continue to fight.
Women we are angels, mermaids and queens. Magic and strength run through our veins.
Be kind, spread love, educate others and most importantly be true to yourself.
And when you fall, rise again. ✨

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