Self Love Lessons: Haikus #2-6

Your inner child’s heart
Needs the kind of attention
Only you can give.

Don’t seek validation from others, be the one to validate yourself.
~ © J. E. Fitzgerald, 16/05/18

Breathe. Be calm and breathe.
Give yourself the time you need.
Breathe, my love. Just breathe.

Sometimes the best way to love yourself is to just take a heartbeat, pause, and focus solely on yourself.
~ © J. E. Fitzgerald, 17/05/18

Never truly alone
When you cultivate self love
You’ll always have you.

How often do you truly look at yourself in the mirror? How often do you give yourself the time and attention, respect and adoration, that you would so freely give to other people? Self love is the source of all love, so no matter how you are feeling about your body and your so called ‘flaws’ when you look in the mirror, remember to always give yourself a smile, because it’s the least you deserve
~ © J. E. Fitzgerald, 01/06/18

I don’t have the strength
To not be myself anymore;
It’s just not worth it.

I’m feeling more myself than ever before. Will I always be popular for being myself unreservedly? No, perhaps not. But I’ll always be able to stand by my words, actions and choices. Stay true to who you are, and honour everything that makes you unique, because there’s nothing more psychologically damaging than when you hide, pretend and aren’t true to you.
~ © J. E. Fitzgerald, 02/07/18

Appreciate you.
For you are one of a kind:
A priceless beauty.

If you were given the chance to completely wipe away all that you are, and take on the form of a complete stranger, would you? Would you really get rid of everything that makes you, you? By riding yourself of things which you perceive as flaws, you are riding the world of a unique beauty. Appreciate yourself, because you are irreplaceable and priceless.
~ © J. E. Fitzgerald, 19/07/18

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