What it Means to Live: Haiku #9-11

In this game of life
I am only concerned with
One opponent: Me.

~ © J. E. Fitzgerald, 18/05/18

Haiku #9 from the What it Means to Live collection: I saw a post today, and it was talking about living your life as best you can, and not letting other people win. It was a really inspirational post, but it also got me thinking- why is life a competition? We act as though other people have power over how we live our lives, but the truth is they can only have as much control as you let them. They may seek to knock you down, but you have the choice whether or not you bow to their will. The truth is, it isn’t you against the world, it’s you against you. It’s a battle which determines whether you give in to those who seek to oppression you, or realise that you have the choice to live your life the way you choose- not because you want to prove a point, but because it’s the least you deserve.

Doubting your path leaves
You vulnerable to wolves
Wearing sheep’s clothing.

You’re not property
Do not let them define you
By ‘market value’.

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