Self Love Lessons: Haiku #1

Stand bare in the mirror
Watch as your reflection grows
To smile back at you

~ © J.E.Fitzgerald, 09/05/18

I used to ignore my reflection in the mirror. I’d look at myself, but I wasn’t really seeing. I averted my mind, because I truly did not love myself enough to really pay myself attention. Then one day, I don’t know why, but for a moment I really saw myself.

I saw in my smile my inner child, who used to love doing her makeup in the mirror and posing.

I saw in my scars the person who person who had fought through so much, and was fighting still.

I saw in my exposed skin someone who was vulnerable, and yet who did not let that vulnerability define her.

In that one moment, I finally saw myself, and I made a promise to always give myself the time of day I deserve.

I may not always love myself, or even like myself, but I will be damned if I do not respect myself, and require that same respect from those around me.

Spend some time every day looking at yourself in the mirror, every hair, every stretch mark, every pore in your skin. Learn to appreciate every part of you, and eventually you will find your reflection smiling right back at you.

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