Rhythm of my Heart

My heart bleeds
For all the losses I have felt;
The pieces of myself taken away
By the cards fate has cruelly dealt.

My heart aches
For the person I used to be;
When the joy of being myself
Was strength enough to fuel me.

My heart sighs
For the words I do not express;
Outwardly I may laugh and smile
But my mind is in distress.

My heart skips
For the promise of brighter days;
To no longer be burdened by
My looks or how much my body weighs.

My heart longs
For the love I’ve yet to claim;
To feel a gentle hand trace my skin
And soft lips whisper my name.

My heart pauses
For there’s a tightness in my chest;
After a lifetime of drowning I surface
And take a long awaited breath.

My heart beats
For all that I have been through;
All the challenges, and the heartaches,
Are the reason that I grew.

– © J. E. Fitzgerald –

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