I feel
I couldn’t stop it
But I watched it happen.
Slowly and painfully.
Like trying to navigate roads unknown
Through fractured glass.

Looking back
I can even pinpoint
The moments in my journey
When each new crack was born.
But I do not know
When the path become so treacherous,
That I could no longer withstand the shock.

it was the hailstones,
raining down mercilessly.
Or the endless stream of potholes,
Poised to stop me in my tracks.
Every turn brought new challenges.
Each new road took its toll.

I watched
As those individual fractures
Formed one single, delicate web.
Then, with a sigh
The pieces exploded;
Scattered fragments of an endless puzzle.

I am lost.
Strayed from my path.
Aimlessly wandering, hopelessly
With no idea how to begin
Piecing the shards back together.

– © J. E. Fitzgerald –

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