5 Body Positive Artists to colour Your Day

In my first year of A-Levels, my school required us to take an extra-curricular class, and much to my dismay I ended up taking ‘General studies’, which was effectively a qualification in knowing the most random, unnecessary facts in the world. However, despite the general boredom those studies inspired in me, I remember there was one debate we had that I became heavily involved in. We were asked to consider whether or not The Art’s should continue to receive any government funding. A lot of people argued along the lines that art isn’t practical, it’s a drain on resources, the money could fund better causes etc. And while I could understand everybody’s arguments and points of view, I could never agree that art was nothing more than a ‘drain on resources’. Artists are inspired by life, and in turn, art inspires our own lives. Art, in all it’s forms, depicts love that warms us, happiness that lifts us, sadness that makes our hearts burst. For some, art is their only form of communication, the only way they can express their true selves.

For many, art is their salvation.

Personally, I am inspired by art that challenges stigma, and addresses problems that I can relate to in my own life. So, as someone who is still learning the art of being body positive, when I find art which challenges my bad perceptions of myself, it gives me the strength that I sometimes struggle to find on my own. Therefore, I’ve rounded up five of my favourite body positive artists, in the hopes their work might inspire you in your best moments, and be your salvation in your worst, just as they are for me.

Click the button below to find out more about the 5 amazing body positive artists you need to know about, and to see examples of their work. 


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